Monster Hunter Rise tricks and tips

Top 10 Monster Hunter Rise Tips and Tricks to Remember

Top 10 Best Monster Hunter Rise Tips and Tricks to Remember

In a game this complex with so many new features to learn, some Monster Hunter Rise tips are practically necessary. There is a lot to figure out, from monitoring creatures to finding supplies and more, and we can help speed everything up.

We have a comprehensive break out on the Monster Hunter Rise wire bugs if you want to learn more. To help you quickly catch up, we’ll take a wide look at everything else in the game below. Any Monster Hunter Rise game has a severe learning curve, and saving Kamura will need mastering many new talents. This advice for Monster Hunter Rise will be useful in all of that.

1. Talk to everyone as they frequently have side missions to complete

Before embarking on a mission, make sure to take a thorough look around Kamura. Frequently, locals and NPCs will have requests or side missions for you to complete. It’s crucial to introduce oneself right away since until then, nobody will know what to do with you. Make sure to look around every corner since there are some secret hidden paths to discover, including inside of buildings that you might not normally enter. You might benefit from a mission more if you meet more individuals.

Top Monster Hunter Rise tricks and tips
Top Monster Hunter Rise tricks and tips

2. Before beginning a mission, always complete all optional side missions

Always talk to Hinoa the Quest Maiden in the centre hub area to complete your Optional Subquests before you leave. The Armor Spheres they frequently grant you are helpful to upgrade your equipment, but they are always straightforward activities that are simple to complete while out and about, like gathering insects and killing little monsters. Needless to mention that you frequently gain Kamura Points. They may also bestow other goods, such as Twisted Remains, Excite Mushroom, and others. They are essentially necessary since without them, you will lose out on possible profits.

3. To try weapons and select your favourite ones, use the training area and early missions

The finest weapons in Monster Hunter Rise have a tonne of options, and there are even more Monster Hunter Rise combos to learn. What functions for you depends on your approach and preferred playing modes. A list of moves and combinations will be displayed on the screen in the training area so you can see what you can accomplish and get a sense of the weight and timings of everything. This will at least allow you to try them all out before committing to anything. That ought to help you narrow down your choices, but it’s always wise to test things out in the real world before making a decision because things can seem very different when a few tons of an enraged monster is advancing at you.

4. You’ll have access to new content for hours, so don’t worry too much about choosing your favorite weapon early on

AGES continues to gain access to new move-sets, skills, and features in Rise. Up until level 4 tasks, things will still be unlocked for you. At the same time, some potential improvements are restricted until you encounter certain creatures or reach a significant plot point. Don’t worry too much on perfecting your build while the game is still giving you things right up to the finish because “the tale” is just preparing you for end game runs.

5. To locate missions more quickly, utilize the “Move About Village” shortcut

The ‘Move About Village’ option on the Shortcut 1 menu displays a map of every area in the village when you are there. Fast travel is convenient, but it also highlights any missions you can take on by speaking to people; if a speech bubble appears next to a location, that implies someone wants to speak with you.

Best Monster Hunter Rise tricks and tips
Best Monster Hunter Rise tricks and tips

6. To give yourself extra time to explore, use Expedition Quests or avoid murdering the main target

Once you kill the prey, a hunt will come to an end. Thus, complete any optional missions or resource requirements before concluding. Or, if you prefer to leave everything up to chance, choose an Expedition Quest. By doing so, you can enter a zone without a timer and continue to hunt all the common creatures you have already encountered. It’s the best approach to grind for the crafting-related components you need.

7. To follow monsters you’re hunting, switch the camera to focus instead of target

Changing the camera mode from Target Camera to Focus Camera in the options can help you keep track of creatures during a chaotic combat. By doing so, a threat will immediately be locked on by the camera. If you’re having trouble tracking rapid targets or having trouble with the wire bug movement, our Monster Hunter Rise lock on tutorial is a great resource.

8. If you’re using Target Camera, press L to position your camera on the enemy you’re facing

By hitting L, you can reposition your view if you’re utilizing the Target Camera settings. The enemy you’re battling will come into focus right away, wherever it may be. But, it doesn’t work on small creatures; only the huge ones do. When you press L while not engaged in a significant monster battle, your camera will simply turn to face the direction you are facing.

9. Before questing for buffs, eat at the canteen

You can order Dango, a dish that might grant you passive boosts, from the canteen inside the hub or in the main village. Every time you go on a hunt, it’s worth doing because it’s inexpensive and you can earn a variety of highly helpful buffs, such as ones that increase kunai damage, save you from being knocked down, increase certain elemental resistance, and much more.

10. Pay attention to speech lines to detect impending attacks or opportunities to trap monsters

It can be simple to miss an animation or clue that indicates a monster is going to attack or is vulnerable in all the chaos. Therefore keep an eye out for any outbursts from your character. As the enormous monster you’re fighting is going to strike, they’ll frequently say things like “here comes a big one!” This is your cue to flee or wire bug.

Above are just some of the coolest tips to gain early advantage in the classic game of Monster Hunter Rise. Stay tuned for more advanced tricks and guides.


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